During the ADPi chapter retreat yesterday, I found out who my Big Diamond Sister is. Then, we got our boxes with canvases and goodies from our Bigs. I’m a little biased, but I think my Big is the best. @technicolour not only painted this beautifully nerdy canvas for me, she also dressed up as the 10th Doctor for reveal. What did she have me dress up as? The TARDIS, of course, complete with light up headband. I’ve already been told that we’re basically the same person with different colored hair. Thank you for loving me, Biggie. I’m so glad we met during recruitment. ♡

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For anyone who is facing a mountain of debt after they graduate check out this amazing idea:

"SponsorChange has created a mutually-beneficial initiative that provides people power for high-impact non-profits in need, while simultaneously helping to relieve students of their ever-impending debt."

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why aren’t these being reblogged more often?
i rather see these than “keys in hand”


Umm so since I’m stupid could someone kindly explain each step for me like step 3 am i head butting him in the face or the chest? 

I think it depends on the height of the person, but I suppose the head is a more effective target. I hope this helps :)

Step 1: Step back the moment he reaches for you.

Step 2: Duck!

Step 3: Head butt him in the chin. It’s very important that it is the chin and not the chest because it is much more uncomfortable and disorienting to have your teeth bang together especially if it cuts his tongue (which it will if it is in the way). More than likely height won’t matter. He will be leaning forward from the missed attempt at grabbing you.

Step 4: Knee him in the balls.

Step 5: When he doubles over, jab him on his back. I believe at the base of the neck just above the shoulder blades would be best. I’m not an expert, but this seems like the best place, imo.

Step 6: Don’t lose contact. Bring your other hand over and slam your hands against the sides of his heads as hard as possible. Right on the ears is the best place; it is extremely disorienting if done correctly. Then take his head and bring it down on your knee as you bring your knee up. It’s very important that you avoid the nose because if you knee his nose it will definitely break and more than likely the bones will stab his brain killing him, so aim for his mouth instead.

Step 7: Keep your knee up and bring your foot out to kick him over. Personally, I don’t like the image because it looks like she kicked him with her toes. You do not want to do that. Instead kick him with the ball or heel of your foot and put power behind it with a push.

Step 8: He is on the ground. You could probably stop here and he would get the picture, but if you really want to…Your leg is still in the air from the kick. With all your force slam the edge of your your heel on his side. It will be more effective if you lower your body first by bending at the knee of the leg your weight is on. Done right, you can break a rib or two.

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Reblogging for the steps in the image and the explanation in the comments. I don’t so much like the explanation on the image proper, but I appreciate the thought behind it (here, have a self-defense thing, it could save you) and so I’m passing it on.

To add to this, elbows and knees are your best friend. Dont forget to aim for soft spots. And in the world of self-defense, small = soft.

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Waffles in bed after my first day of orientation at work. Do I have the best boyfriend or what? Thank you @jonthekoala :)


#latepost So Sunday’s post for my #100HappyDaysUSM #Day26 was supposed to be that I enjoyed going with @jonthekoala to his home church. It was definitely different from my little church, but I still loved getting to see how excited everyone was to see him again.


This was supposed to post yesterday…but my favorite kind of stress relief involves sales at some of my favorite stores, especially when there’s no sales tax. :) #100HappyDaysUSM #Day25


Papitos with the sweetest boyfriend ever and his mom! @jonthekoala #100HappyDaysUSM #Day24


#100HappyDaysUSM #Day23 this was supposed to post yesterday… but Legend of Korra episodes from last week. Plus ice cream. Yes please!


For those of my friends/followers who love sweet tea as much as @jonthekoala does, it’s free tea day at McAlister’s in honor of their 25th anniversary. #PSA #food #freestuff


#100HappyDaysUSM #Day22 Happiness is hearing DCI groups having practices on campus. I’ve missed hearing band practices so much. Even warmups are delightful sounds to my ears.


Southern Miss To The Top!
Campus looked beautiful after the storm today, but I couldn’t take a picture while I was driving. So here’s another photo I found online of my gorgeous school. #100HappyDaysUSM #Day21


Some of our prayers have been answered today. It seems that God has seen fit to change the doctors’ hearts and minds. @kcable32 is likely having surgery sometime after 6pm tonight. So today truly is #Day20 of my #100HappyDaysUSM
Please continue praying for Kat, our families, and especially the doctors and nurses who are providing her care.


I think our graduation selfie is the most recent picture I took with you, sissy.
I’m so happy to see the multitudes of people who genuinely care, even those who have never met you. I can’t wait for you to get better so we can make more silly inside jokes and drive our mothers (even more) insane with our craziness. I just can’t wait to have my batcat back in action. And until then, I will be back in that waiting room every second that I possibly can be. Because you are the only thing that matters, baby sis. We love you very much, @kcable32 
#100HappyDaysUSM #Day19


Thank you for all of my birthday presents, but most importantly, thank you for sitting at the hospital with us today after drill. Thank you for being my sweet soldier. @jgw39465


Today it’s a little difficult to be happy. With my sister in the hospital and one of my best friends laying her boyfriend to rest today, it’s going to be a difficult day all around. So I’m gonna be happy that my sis is gonna be okay after a while. I’m gonna be happy that Jake knew and loved Christ and was ready to see him. I’m wearing my only Superman shirt for you today. #100HappyDaysUSM #Day18 #FlyHighSweetAngel